pelvic floor dysfunction unit cape town

Our Mission Statement

'To provide information and treatment options for conditions resulting from
pelvic floor dysfunction,
 including incontinence, constipation and rectal prolapse'

                     There IS no need to suffer in silence                       

Smiling woman Asking the right people for help is half the battle won. To facilitate this, we have established the Cape Town Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Unit at the Life Kingsbury Hospital in Cape Town. It brings together health care professionals with years of experience in treating pelvic dysfunction; surgeons recognized for their experience and skill in this specialized surgery and the most technologically advanced medical and surgical equipment. The Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Unit is a specialized centre of excellence, committed to attaining the highest possible quality of life for our patients.

So why is a pelvic floor dysfunction unit necessary? Pelvic floor diseases or disorders have a huge negative impact on patients - physically, psychologically and socially. Even though the prevalence of these conditions is high, many people are loath to approach a doctor for treatment. Problems such as faecal and urinary incontinence, constipation and rectal prolapse cause embarrassment and patients feel there is a stigma attached to their problem so they don’t seek help. It is imperative to understand that the symptoms patients experience are just that – ‘symptoms.’ They are as a result of a disease or condition – one which CAN be treated. Patients are often unaware that there are millions of other sufferers out there. Because they think they are alone in this, they suffer in silence often living a life of isolation - anxious, with a low self esteem and little or no social life.

It is these patients’ lives we can make worth living again.

                There are millions of other sufferers out there…        

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